11/18/2014 Goddard Staff Bargaining Update

On November 18, the Goddard Staff Bargaining Committee met with management to negotiate a first agreement for the union.

Following up on our October 30 bargaining session, where we were able to come to tentative agreement on “Union Recognition”, “Discipline and Discharge”, “Non-Discrimination”, “Sexual Harassment”, “Personnel Files”, “Notices”, “Severability”, “Union Security”, “Labor/Management Committee”, “Residency Employees”, and “Probation and Probationary Periods”, we reached conceptual agreement on the articles “Grievance and Arbitration” and “No Strike/No Lockout”.  We expect to tentatively agree on those items at our next session on December 9.

We were surprised and dismayed at the message we heard from management, who took a hard line on making any further movement on financial issues.  They told us that they would not move beyond their current position on financials, which consists of:

  • 0% wage change for duration of contract
  • 18 month suspension of 403(b) match
    • Retirement match would revert to 5% at the end of 18 months
  • Longevity bumps would continue
  • Severance would be cut in half
    • 26 week severance cap would be cut in half to 13 weeks
    • 2 week per year accrual rate would be cut to 1 week per year

These proposals have improved since management’s first financial demands, which included the elimination of severance, retirement contributions, and longevity bumps, coupled with wage cuts that could have been as high as 8% for some members.  We intend to continue negotiating and to bring the best possible contract to the membership for a ratification vote.  In the meantime, please let be in touch with us about your concerns and thoughts regarding negotiations.

In solidarity,

The Goddard College Staff Union Bargaining Committee
Lise Couture, Business Office
Josh Hayes-High, WGDR
M.E. Lawlor, Human Resources
Monica Nelson, Library
Manuel O’Neill, Financial Aid
David Palmer, Facilities
Ryan Quinn, UAW 2322
Karen Rosenberg, UAW Int’l Union

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