Goddard College – Faculty

Goddard is a small college located in Plainfield, VT, offering low-residency programs. Approximately 100 Goddard faculty members are members of Local 2322. Founded in 1863, Goddard is recognized for innovation in education. Its mission is to advance the theory and practice of learning by undertaking new experiments based upon the ideals of democracy and the principles of progressive education first asserted by John Dewey. Goddard faculty are dynamic and talented artists, writers and scholars who live all over the country and the world.

Servicing Representative:
Henry Pires
GCFU Co-Chairs:
Diana Waters
Karen Stupski
Union Stewards/Program Representatives:
BFAW-VT: Michael Vizsolyi
EDU: Gail Cueto
GGI: Sarah Van Hoy
MFAIA-VT: Ruth Wallen
MFAW – Beatrix Gates
PSY: Kristal Owens
UGP1: Eva Swidler
UGP2: Otto Muller
Joint Council Representatives:
Antonio González-Walker
1 vacant seat
Goddard Faculty 2018


Hiring Deadlines Extended

Would you like to work for the UAW? Now Hiring! Please see the following links for information on the Union Representative positions within the UAW Local 2322. Full-time Union Representative Part-time Union Representative (Vermont Units) Please email your inquiries and resumes to the hiring committee listed on the job position you wish to fill. It is important to notice that there are multiple hiring committees so make … Continue reading

GCFU Member Publication: “Radical Leisure”

Connections, both real and hoped for, between the labor movement and environmentalists have been news for at least fifteen years now. The possibility of such a connection came into wider view at the Seattle World Trade Organization protests in 1999, when alliances between trade unionists and other protest groups made headlines with catchy phrases like “Teamsters for Turtles”—or, more prosaically, the “blue-green alliance,” in reference … Continue reading

Goddard College Faculty Union Update

Publication of the Collective Bargaining Agreement After an editing and signature-gathering process that took far longer than expected, our current CBA is now available on the UAW Local 2322 web site: Goddard Faculty CBA 2015-2018. A hard copy will be mailed to union members later this month. The CBA will also be posted on the college’s web site. GCFU Officer Elections The terms of office … Continue reading