YWCA Union Ratification Vote!

Thursday July 17, 2014
Stop by the local anytime between
8 am- 7 pm
(Let nancy@uaw2322.org know if these times do not work for you and she will try to accommodate)

UAW Local 2322 Union Office
4 open square way #406
Holyoke, MA

The bargaining committee has finished and is happy to present all of the improvements and changes to the new UAW Local 2322/YWCA of Western Ma union contract.

They will have a drop-in all day at the Local UAW office for YWCA union members to hear about contract changes, an opportunity to read the language, ask any questions that you may have for your Rep. Nancy Fish.

All dues paying YWCA union members may vote.  The committee is recommending this contract and asks for your support (a vote of support is a YES vote) ….or a NO vote, means you are not happy with the new contract and want them (this includes YOU) to go back to the table and fight for more.

The majority vote will decide this.   If you want to have your vote count…please show up on Thursday 7/17/14 and cast your vote.  Nancy Fish is available if you have any questions.

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