RE: Special Elections for vacant E-Board seats and Delegates for UAW ConCon

The local 2322 office is looking for an Election Committee of five members and three alternates.  The Committee so chosen will function for three (3) years.  Vacancies will be filled by the alternates and additional alternates, as needed.

Members of the Local Union Election Committee and alternates cannot be candidates for any elected office or take part in any election campaign on behalf of any candidate. The committee will oversee Local elections beginning with the election to fill open seats on our Executive Board.

Members who wish to join the committee should make their interest known to the Holyoke office before the February Joint Council meeting, where the committee members will be selected. Joint Council will meet February 27th at 6pm. Attendance at this meeting is not required.

The purpose of these upcoming elections if to fill vacant Executive Board seats and to elect delegates to the UAW Constitutional Convention this June.

* All Members, regardless of joining the committee, should update their contact information with the Local office at this time so that we can make sure important information gets to you in a timely manner. Updates can be sent via the address above or emailed to info@uaw2322.org.

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