UMass Peer Mentors get their vote


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Jocelyn Silverlight, UAW 2322 President Amherst, Massachusetts – February 23, 2015 – The Commonwealth Employment Relations Board (CERB) ruled on February 20, 2015 that the UMass Amherst Peer Mentors shall hold an add-on election on whether or not to join the Resident Assistant Union (RAU), a unit of United Auto Workers (UAW) … Continue reading

2/17/15 GEO Bargaining Update

Dear fellow GEO members, There are many exciting things to report in this member update! Last week, management disrespectfully and unilaterally cancelled a bargaining session at the last minute, and your elected bargaining team took swift action.  In under nine hours, using word-of-mouth and social media, we mobilized 40 GEO members and supporters, especially undergraduate … Continue reading