Equal Pay for Latinas and the Paycheck Fairness Act


By Brooks Ballenger Wage inequality means that most people are not paid what they deserve, while a precious few get way more than they deserve. Among the groups who are short-changed are latin women: Latinas. We need a law that prohibits employers from paying employees less because of gender, ethnicity, religion, or other arbitrary reasons. … Continue reading

Tri-State Membership Meeting!


Last Thursday UAW 2322 attempted its first ever multi-state meeting. We have been working on a way to be inclusive of members we represent who are not able to attend our meetings because of physical locations and hours of driving to get there. We had a few glitches but overall we were successful in our … Continue reading

REMINDER: Membership Meeting October 22


Membership Meeting October 22, 2015 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM (3 locations) First Churches of Northampton ​Lyman Hall ​129 Main Street ​Northampton, MA Goddard College ​The Cottage ​123 Pitkin Road ​Plainfield, VT Rundlett Middle School ​144 South St. ​Concord, NH Food & Drink will be served. Please RSVP TODAY* so we can plan food for each location. … Continue reading