Resident Assistants – UMass Amherst

Resident Assistants and Peer Mentors live in the residence halls of UMass and are part-time, student/staff members. They play a pivotal leadership role with students in Residence Halls. RA’s duties include crisis intervention, peer counseling, community building, and are invaluable resource and referral agents for the university community.

Setting legal and organizing precedence, RA’s battled the University of Massachusetts to gain union recognition in 2002.  RA’s have made significant gains through their union and continues to work hard to ensure the union remains democratic and strong. Learn more about it’s history below.  UMass RAs have 425 union members in the Local 2322!


UMass RA’s voted to join the United Auto Workers, Local 2322 in March, 2002.  When the UMass Administration refused to bargain with us, we protested outside the UMass President’s office in Boston, and engaged in sit-ins on campus.  By July, the UMass Administration had conceded to the RA’s, recognized the union, and acknowledged its duty to bargain.  We have had a loud and proud union since then, with a history of contracts making major improvements in RA working conditions.

In 2014, Peer Mentors organized to join the Resident Assistant bargaining unit at UMass.  Again, UMass fought us when we asserted our legal right to organize.

Servicing Representatives:
Jocelyn Silverlight

Anais Surkin

Union Stewards:
Resident Assistant 2018

Contract Ratified with Overwhelming Support!

Congratulations are in order for the Resident Assistants and Peer Mentors from The University of Massachusetts in Amherst.  They voted today to accept the 2015-2018 Collective Bargaining Agreement between the University and the United Auto Workers. 99% of the voter turnout voted in favor of the new contract! For those who missed today’s orientation, these photos are of the standing ovation given to the Union Bargaining Committee for all their hard and tireless … Continue reading

Resident Assistant/Peer Mentor Contract Ratification Vote!

Please click here to read the full contract ratification notice! There will be a ratification vote on the Tentative Agreement reached between the UAW/Local 2322/RAU (“the Union”) and UMass Amherst to modify the previous collective bargaining agreement between the Union and UMass. The new collective bargaining agreement will be effective from the date of execution by the Union and UMass (following ratification) until June 30, 2018. … Continue reading

Hiring Deadlines Extended

Would you like to work for the UAW? Now Hiring! Please see the following links for information on the Union Representative positions within the UAW Local 2322. Full-time Union Representative Part-time Union Representative (Vermont Units) Please email your inquiries and resumes to the hiring committee listed on the job position you wish to fill. It is important to notice that there are multiple hiring committees so make … Continue reading