UAW 2322 Candidates for President

Dear Member,

The first in a series of two UAW 2322 Presidential Candidate statements are below! But first, we want to remind you that voting dates for the UAW 2322 Presidential election have been extended.

Ballots will be mailed April 25. Completed ballots must be received (not postmarked) by May 17. All members, please update your contact info at so your ballot will reach you.

Contact the Elections Committee with any concerns at

And please, VOTE and urge others to vote!

— UAW 2322 Elections Committee

p.s. PDF versions of Candidate Statement 1 and this Election Notice are available for download. Please post on all shop bulletin boards.


UAW 2322 Candidates for President

Statement 1

The following statements were created by the candidates and collected by the the UAW 2322 Elections Committee, in order to provide members an opportunity to learn about the candidates. Candidates may submit a second statement, to be posted around April 12. Distribution of these statements does not constitute endorsement by UAW 2322. They appear in the randomly drawn order in which the candidates will appear on the ballot.

Jocelyn Silverlight
2016-04-07 Jocelyn Silverlight photo

When I ran for president in 2013, our campaign had three goals: respect, action, and democracy. We envisioned a UAW Local 2322 that included, involved, and supported all its members. We sought a union that truly belonged to the membership and a climate that would constantly create space for new leaders to emerge.

I remained focused on the goals of our campaign by meeting members from across the Local; making those values felt in collective bargaining; convening our Local’s committees to effect those values; servicing and organizing our shops to win strong agreements; and standing together with our community and labor allies. UAW Local 2322 has grown significantly under my leadership, in terms of active participation and in terms of new membership (welcome New Hampshire and Peer Mentor members!).

In this time of increased inequality and systemic oppression worldwide, I hold in my heart and my actions a vision of a united Local 2322 that empowers its skilled, intelligent, strong, and complex members. I will continue to work hard– alongside all of you– to embody the core values of respect, action and democracy. And so I ask for your vote to re-elect me, Jocelyn Silverlight, as president of UAW 2322.


John McGrath
2016-04-07 John McGrath photo

My name is John McGrath I’ve been employed at Providence Hospital for 26 years, the last 18 years as a UAW 2322 member and Labor/Social Justice Activist. I now feel it vital to offer my service as President of our Local.

I serve as Steward/Co-Chair and Joint Council Rep for my shop. I served a 3 year term as Vice-President of the Local. I’ve participated in contract negotiations and actions throughout the Local. I am a Vice-President on the AFL-CIO Pioneer Valley Central Labor Council. I’m a UMASS graduate. My experience has made me acutely aware of the political/media environment we must overcome to win.

Corporate for-profit, “non-profit” status quo has created a power imbalance for its own benefit. Our side of this equation has also been influenced and it can no longer be tolerated.

Four decades of a weak, sometimes false labor movement have brought us to a dangerous place. The fix will take strategic experience and courage. We can’t continue to be sold-out for political convenience. I’m through with the charades, are you? We have Union rights and protections; we must speak truth to power. I humbly ask for your vote so we can together!

John McGrath

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