2015 Postdoc Bargaining Survey

As we prepare to begin negotiations with UMass Amherst over wages, hours, and working conditions for Postdoctoral researchers here on campus, the Postdoctoral Researcher Organization (PRO) wants to survey all postdocs on campus to set our bargaining priorities and agenda. Please take 10 minutes to fill out this survey to let us know what you want to see in a new contract, and contact Ryan Quinn if you’d like to participate on the bargaining committee.

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Postdoctoral Researcher Bargaining Survey

Thanks for joining the majority of UMass Postdocs who have joined the Postdoctoral Researcher Organization, UAW 2322. As we prepare for bargaining, it will remain important that we continue to increase our majority and make clear to the UMass administration our desire to win a strong contract.

For the first two sections: For each item, select the number of stars to indicate the level to which you want to secure it in the contract. These items may already be provided by the University or your PI, or can be a benefit you do not already have but want. 5 stars is the most important, and 1 star is the least important. Treat each item discretely. There will be more opportunities to establish and rank priorities at a later time.

Section 1: Working Conditions

Protect PDs from having to work in unsafe or unhealthy spaces or conditions.

Ensure that all PD's receive orientation, training and mentoring to enable them to perform their duties effectively and safely.

Provide Free and convenient Childcare to all PDs.  Ensure all PDs have access to childcare.

Section 2: Rights and Protections

Increase PD access to subsidized housing and housing subsidies.

Provide increases vacation accrual, increase amount of flexibility of vacation, holidays, and leave for all PD.

Require all PD positions to be publicly posted in a timely manner and include duties & expectations, selection criteria, application deadline and length of appointment.

Strengthen non-discrimination and harassment protections.

Improve access of PDs to parking spaces (including parking subsidy) & transit programs (including fully subsidized bus and transit passes).

Improve access to career services (writing center, interview techniques, etc.).  Provide professional development opportunities designed to increase PD advancement in their fields.

Ensure that all visa and visa-related costs, including legal advice, are paid by the University; increase transparency in and expedite the visa process; and ensure that all PDs determine what type of visa they receive.

Section 3: Wages and Benefits

It is important that we decide not only which of the following items should be our bargaining goals, but also which ones should be our highest priorities.

First, please prioritize the following economic issues by ranking them with one to three stars, where 1 star is the least important and 3 stars is most important.

Second, for each area where we might try to negotiate improvements, please check the items that are most important to you.

Section 4: Other Comments

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