Stand in Solidarity with Vermont State College Workers

Over a thousand Vermonters have signed the online and paper version of the petition and their collective actions are making a difference. But there is a big struggle ahead and they need our help. Nearly two thirds of the administrative and service staff at the State Colleges make less than the Vermont Livable Wage. And now the State College’s Chancellor wants to cut their already small retirement benefits and limit any wage increases. This is not right. This is not fair. This is not the Vermont way.

Together we can fight back against this race to the bottom!  Here are a few ways we can support the staff at Vermont State Colleges:
Monday September 16, 3pm: Vermont State College workers’ Rally for a Fair Contract!
State House steps, Montpelier (room 11 if rain)
The rally will include speakers from each state college and staff, professionals, facility, and students in support of a Fair Contract.
Come to the State House in support for a Fair Contract and a Livable Wage!  Come to the State House in Solidarity!
Its open to everyone, please sign up to attend and spread the word to friends, family and supporters.
Explore the facts behind VSC workers low wage reality and how workers are fighting back.
(For VT residents) Contact your Legislators and tell them to Support a Fair Contract for State College Employees.

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