July 12, 2013 Goddard Staff Bargaining Update

Dear Fellow Goddard Staff Union Members,

There was a Bargaining Meeting between the GC Administration team and the GC Staff Union Bargaining team on Wednesday, July 10, 2013. Ryan Quinn and Karen Rosenberg from the UAW participated in the bargaining on our behalf. Comprehensive proposals were exchanged.

Here are some highlights of the GC Administration’s proposals:

  • Rejection of our proposals to reduce the probationary periods for temporary workers to make them permanent workers;
  • For all full time employees work week to be “… not less than forty (40) hours…” (with reductions of pay based on the current 37.5 work week) – for many, this means work 2.5 more hours, earn less than you did for 37.5 hours;
  • Reduction of 2 holidays (Thanksgiving Friday and New Year’s Eve day);
  • Reduction of 2 personal days;
  • Elimination of Professional Development (currently 10 days);
  • Reduction of vacation time;
  • If “…an employee is out of work for three consecutive business days due to illness, or five nonconsecutive business days during any fiscal year…” the College may require:

1. “A certificate of disability from his/her physician specifying the expected length of the sick leave and/or any work restrictions or light–duty assignments upon return to work in order to be eligible for sick leave benefits for that particular absence;
2. A medical examination performed by a physician chosen by Goddard at its expense; or, in the event of absence due to accident or sickness, Goddard reserves the right to require a doctor’s certificate to confirm the employee’s fitness for return to work.”

  • Addition of Bereavement leave only for full time employees who may be granted 3 – 5 days of leave;
  • “Jury Duty Leave: An employee summoned to jury duty will be excused from his/her work for the required period necessary to perform this duty without suffering a loss of pay. The employee shall endorse over to Goddard the compensation which he/she receives from jury service. An employee who is dismissed from jury service prior to 2 1/2 hours before the end of his/her work shift shall report to work at Goddard as soon as possible after he/she is dismissed.”
  •  Health Care Benefits, Educational Incentives (tuition waivers), and Retirement Benefits to be “amended from time to time”.

We expressed our concern that these proposals were disrespectful and retaliatory. A meeting with the union’s forensic accountant and the College is to take place before the end of the week.

Our next bargaining session will be on Monday, 7/15/2013. Your comments and feedback are critical.

Thank you for your continued engagement and support.

The UAW 2322 Goddard College Staff Union Negotiating Team

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