FY2012 GEO Raises and Retro Due this Month

We are very pleased to announce that GEO/UAW 2322 has achieved one of the goals we took on 20 years ago, when we began fighting for our first contract: we have created a campus-wide minimum stipend.  Effective from the start of Fall contracts on September 4, 2011, all schools/colleges/executive areas will have a minimum hourly rate of $21.25.  In the November 11, 2011 paycheck, all eligible GEO employees will be brought to this new minimum.  In the November 25, 2011 paycheck, the retro portion will be paid out.

This new minimum represents a 4.6% increase for the majority of our members, who earn the $20.32 department minimum, and a 3% increase for those earning the College of Natural Sciences minimum rate.

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