World Cup Soccer at the Harp – Monday June 28

GEO is hosting a World Cup party at The Harp in Amherst, MA on Monday, June 28 for members and their families.  Join us for a hearty lunch provided by GEO and the Harp starting at 2pm, and stay for the game at 2:30.  The teams in this Stage 2 match will be between the first ranking team of group G (Côte d’Ivoire, Portugal, Brazil, or Korea DPR) and the second ranking team of group H (Honduras, Spain, Chile, or Switzerland).

The Harp is located at 163 Sunderland Road, Amherst MA, and directions are available on its website.  Post-docs are welcome as well.

The GEO office will be closed Monday, June 28th for the party.  You can still reach us by phone, (413)545-0705 or email,

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