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Did you recently move? Have a new phone number? Get a new email address? Has your name changed? We rely on you to let us know when information changes. Let us know how to reach you so we can stay in touch, keep you informed, and invite you to participate in events. Keeping your contact information updated with our office will be extremely important in the coming … Continue reading

RAU/PM Union Meeting!

RAs and Peer Mentors Did you know: UMass has proposed to extend your weekend duty shifts by an additional 5 hours a shift without reducing your work elsewhere (8:00 PM until Noon the following day) After twelve bargaining sessions, UMass is still adamantly opposed to providing a fair and equal process to RAs and Peer Mentors that have been terminated (just cause) UMass is continuing … Continue reading


My name is Court Cline, and I am the Union Representative for the Resident Assistant Unit of UAW Local 2322 (RAU/UAW), the Union that represents all RAs and Peer Mentors at UMass-Amherst. Since April 2015, we have been bargaining a new RAU/UAW contract with the UMass administration. Although your bargaining team initially made some progress with some of their proposals, it is clear that the … Continue reading

Sign the UMass RA/PM Just Cause Petition!

UMass Residential Life employs about 400 Resident Assistants (RAs) and Peer Mentors (PMs) to provide live-in services and programming to dorm residents. RAs and PMs are unionized members of UAW Local 2322.

When RAs/PMs are fired by UMass, they aren’t just out of a job, but also lose their University-provided housing. Despite the severe consequences, UMass has in the past refused to agree to guarantee even the most minimal due process. RAs/PMs are entitled to appeal discipline, but aren’t provided with any hearing or even allowed to present their appeal in-person! The decision by the Residence Director is final and there is no right to review by a neutral third party. These are basic rights that every other employee at UMass takes for granted.

Sign the petition now!

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UAW 2322 Victory!

Dear UAW 2322, We are pleased to announce that the UMass-Amherst Peer Mentors overwhelmingly voted to join the Resident Assistants unit of our Local! For over a year, the Peer Mentors have been organizing for this moment and we are so pleased to welcome them to our union! Please join us this Thursday at 6pm in the Conference Room at 120 Hampshire House, UMass-Amherst to … Continue reading