City of Nashua – Professionals of Police Dept

“The focus of the Nashua Police Department is on community-oriented policing, which relies on individuals and neighborhood groups working with the police to prevent and reduce crime. The Nashua Police Department has sought to build a cooperative spirit between local area businesses, the citizens of Nashua and the police. Some of the avenues being used to enhance Nashua\’s Community Policing efforts are through Bicycle Patrols, Citizen Academies, Neighborhood Community Policing offices, Walking Patrols, K-9 Units, and the Ash Street Community Center run by the Police Athletic League.”

Our members are the important civilian employees who support the police department internally. They include: Domestic Violence Advocate, Secretarial Supervisor, Fleet Supervisor, Business Coordinator, Building Maintenance Supervisor, Computer Software Specialist, System Support Specialist, Communications System Engineer/Tech, Records Manager, CEMD/CPC, Police Attorney, IT Manager/Network Admin, and Radio System Manager.

Servicing Representative:
Kevin Boutin
Union Stewards:
William Mansfield
Nashua Police Dept 2018