GEO-UAW Leadership and Staff

The Graduate Employee Organization (GEO) has a Steering Committee comprised of two Unit Co-Chairs, a Membership Mobilization Coordinator, two Representatives from the Stewards’ Assembly, and two Members-at-Large.  There are two co-chairs of the Stewards’ Assembly, and staff assigned to GEO from UAW Local 2322.  GEO also hires a Grievance Coordinator to work on grievances with the Servicing Representative assigned to the unit.  GEO also has six seats on the Local 2322 Joint Council.


Servicing Representative:
Jocelyn Silverlight
(413) 534-7600 or

GEO-UAW Grievance Coordinator:
Enku Ide, Sociology

UAW 2322 Amherst Office Manager:
Andy Goulet
(413) 545-0705 or

Unit Leadership

GEO-UAW Steering Committee

GEO-UAW Co-Chairs:
Anais Surkin, Social Justice Education
Anna Waltman, English

GEO-UAW Membership Mobilization Coordinator:
Avery Fürst, Labor Studies

GEO-UAW Steward Representatives to Steering Committee
Danielle Allessio, Education
Tobias Wilson, Mathematics

At-Large Representatives to Steering Committee
Eric Hoyt, Economics
Daniel Lynch, Anthropology

Stewards’ Assembly

Stewards’ Assembly Co-Chairs
David Pritchard, English
Christopher Schafenacker, Comparative Literature

GEO-UAW Stewards
African American Studies – Robert (Bob) Williams
Anthropology – Eleanor Finley
Anthropology – Marc Lorenc
Chemistry – Michael Mingroni
Communication – Rachel Briggs
Communication – Timothy Sutton
Comparative Literature – Krzyś Rowiński
Comparative Literature – Christopher Schafenacker
Computer Science – Cibele Freire
Computer Science – Francisco Garcia
Computer Science – Ravali Pochampally
Computer Science – Takeshi Takahashi
Computer Science – Emma Tosch
Computer Science – John Vilk
Computer Science – Kevin Winner
Economics – Brian Callaci
Economics – Osman Keshawarz
Economics – Anastasia Wilson
Economics – Devika Dutt
Economics – Hannah Archambault
Education – Danielle Allessio
Education – Dani O’Brien
English/Writing Program – David Pritchard
English/Writing Program – Matthew Donlevy
English/Writing Program – Neelofer Qadir
Environmental Conservation – Brett Bailey
French and Italian – Ben Fancy
Geosciences – Laura Fattaruso
German and Scandinavian Studies – Kevina Ruby King
History – Destiney Linker
Labor Relations and Research – Kimberly Sawyer
Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning – Noam Goldstein
Mathematics and Statistics – Tobias Wilson
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering- Rachel Striker Koh
Music and Dance – Julie Lee
Nutrition – Eliza Mellon
Organismic and Evolutionary Biology – Joshua Pezet
Organismic and Evolutionary Biology – Andrew Smith
Philosophy – Justin Dealy
Physics – Lee Walsh
Plant, Soil, and Insect Sciences – Andrew Berg
Political Science – Bilgesu Sumer
Political Science – Eric Sippert
Psychology – Bengi Baran
Public Policy and Administration – Jeffrey Stupak
Public Policy and Administration – Christoph Demers
Public Policy and Administration – Drew Thiemann
Regional Planning – Noam Goldstein
Sociology- Nate Meyers
Sociology – Alyssa Goldstein
Spanish and Portuguese – Santi Vidales
Spanish and Portuguese – Aida Roldan Garcia
Spanish and Portuguese – Deliabridget Martinez
STPEC – James Fiorentino

GEO Representatives to UAW 2322 Joint Council

Sumera Ahsan, Center for International Education
Yetunde Ajao, Center for International Education
Alyssa Goldstein, Sociology
Destiney Linker, History
Anais Surkin, Social Justice Education
Anna Waltman, English