3/15/2016 Providence Hospital Bargaining Update

The union bargaining committee met with management for a first bargaining session on March 15, 2016.  The union team – John McGrath (Detox), Traci Ellithorpe (Older Adult), Michelle Rubeck (CHAD), Miriam Lexie (MMTP), Olga Mercado (Detox), Ryan Quinn (UAW 2322 Rep.), and Karen Rosenberg (UAW Int’l Rep.) – was prepared to discuss bargaining proposals, but management first wanted to discuss ground rules.  These ground rules would have restricted the union team’s ability to communicate with members and the public about the status of negotiations.

The union team countered with an offer that would ensure that bargaining committee members were paid their normal rate if they had to miss work for a bargaining session in exchange for some of the restrictions management wanted.  Under the union’s proposal, either party could withdraw from the ground rules with one week of notice to the other party.  This struck us as an acceptable compromise that would not unduly burden the union’s bargaining committee members who work different shifts at different sites, and who therefore cannot all meet at the same time.  Management rejected this compromise, making it clear that they do not wish to pay for the committee’s bargaining time.

We were able to secure additional bargaining times.  We will be meeting with management on March 29, April 12, and April 27.  We will attempt to keep all UAW members updated throughout negotiations.

In solidarity,

John McGrath, Detox
Traci Ellithorpe, Older Adult
Michelle Rubeck, CHAD
Miriam Lexie, MMTP
Olga Mercado, Detox
Nancy Figueroa, Detox
Dennis Roche, MMTP
Karen Rosenberg, UAW Int’l Rep.
Ryan Quinn, UAW 2322 Rep.

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