Conservation and Recreation Committee Meeting

We are revitalizing the Conservation and Recreation Committee. We will be holding a start up meeting on July 14th from 12:30-2:30 for coffee/tea snacks garden-side at 96 Russellville Road in Amherst. We will review past activity and brain-storm future activities. We encourage all who are interested in joining this committee, or just want to find out more, to join us.

It has been proven that in today’s busy work environment people need to combat stress with quality family and individual leisure time activities. If you enjoy organizing events such as bowling leagues, sporting events, team sport competition and the like then the conservation and recreation committee could be your committee of choice. This committee is also an avenue to explore if developing parks and environmental concerns that are of interest to you.

-Danielle A. Allessio, UAW 2322 eBoard Guide
-Amy Stevens, UAW 2322 eBoard Financial Secretary

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