Protest to Save North Adams Regional Hospital

A community demonstration is being planned for Friday, 9:00 a.m. by several groups. The demonstration will take place an hour before the emergency room officially closes. If you want to become involved in this demonstration, contact Mike Wilbur at 413-663-9192 or just show up on Friday and demand answers.

The upper administration of the hospital did not even care enough to give sufficient time for an orderly and well thought out transition for patients, employees, or the community. You can do the following to help:

  1. Publicize this event through whatever networks you have.
  2. Call Mayor Alcombright, the City Councilors you know, and our State Legislators – Ben Downing and Gail Carriddi
  3. Become involved and let your voices be heard. Do not quietly accept this loss. Take the time to be at the demonstration.

Local 2322 will be organizing car rides to go up there Friday morning to lend our support. If you are interested in joining us please email and indicate if you can be a driver or need a ride.

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