UMass Announces New Health Insurance Plan and Carrier

The new health insurance plan for 2012-2013 will be offered by Consolidated Health Plans (CHP) through the Cigna provider network. You can find some information on the Consolidated Health Services website at The full health plan brochure has not been published yet, but there is a brief summary of benefits available there. Donna Yezierski from UHS has provided us with some more information concerning enrollment and member ID cards:

“UHS forwards enrollment files to CHP weekly. Included on these enrollment files are students who have enrolled at UHS (less than 5 credits, program fee, and family plan members) and those who had recently registered for classes. In the event that you were not included in the weekly run and have an appointment with an outside provider, please call Patient Services (413-577-5192) and they can submit an emergency enrollment add with CHP.

CHP generates a member number for all enrollees. This member number is needed in order to obtain prescriptions at our pharmacy pharmacist outside of UHS. You can print your own ID card which will have your member number listed on it to bring to the outside provider. You will need to add an M in front of your student ID in order for the system to generate the card. ID cards will be generated with this current file and will be mailed on 8/13/2012. Students who were not registered or enrolled will be updated each week and ID cards will continue to be generated.

Thank you for your patience during this transition.”

Remember, if you are enrolled in 5 credits, you will be automatically enrolled in the health insurance. If you are enrolled in less than 5 credits, you’ll need to contact UHS before the end of the Add/Drop period (September 17th) to let them know you want to enroll in the health insurance. Once you enroll, your coverage will be retroactive back to August 1st. However, the reimbursement process can be lengthy and for this reason we recommend that you enroll as soon as possible.

For more information, you can call UHS Patient Services, or CHP’s customer service at (877) 657-5027.

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