Monday’s Action to Demand GEO Raises

Thank you to everyone who came out to support graduate student workers this past Monday. Over 50 students crammed into the hallway of Chancellor Holub’s office during finals week to demand that our needs be met.
We will continue to circulate petitions over winter break and present them to the administration until they keep their promises.
Their promises include a prompt payment of raises from last school year and this semester, the retroactive payment from those payments, the reinstatement of the $10 birth control copayment and reimbursements from that grievance.
The implementation of the $200 healthcare deductible two years ago, the rise in the gym fee, and the recent 100% raise in prescription copayments have effectively been pay cuts for graduate students.
Hopefully Chancellor Holub and other administrators will at least fulfill their written promises, and we encourage them to do so before the new year.

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