New GEO Personnel for 2010-2011

GEO would like to welcome the new leadership, staff, steering committee representatives, and assembly of stewards co-chairs for 2010-2011. We look forward to a productive year with GEO continuing to be a strong voice in advocating for the welfare of all workers on campus.


Elvis Méndez – President

Sarah Hughes – Vice-president

David Wemhoener – Secretary/Treasurer


Roberto Garcia-Ceballos – Diversity Coordinator

Xuefei Bai – Family Issues Advocate

Derek Doughty – Grievance Coordinator

Carlos Marentes – Organizing, Campaign and Membership Mobilization Coordinator

Nigel Brissett – International Student Coordinator

Danielle Allessio – IT/Database Coordinator

Kit Smemo – Summer Orientations Coordinator


Dominique Cambou – Steward Representative

Jeremy Wolf- Steward Representative

Kelcy Adamec – At-large Representative

Anna Curtis – At-large Representative

Assembly of Stewards:

Maureen Gallagher – Co-chair

Daniel Armenti – Co-chair

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