The Power of Our Stories: Ending Violence at Work and at Home

By Nancy Fish, UAW 2322 Servicing Representative Violence seems to be everywhere; it’s always in the news.  You may have witnessed violence at work on occasion, or even regularly.   You may be a survivor yourself; maybe it happened at work or maybe you were abused in our own home (see below: Massachusetts Domestic Violence Bill). Our local Union is seeing an increase in violence in … Continue reading

Why I’m Voting Yes on Question 2: The Expanded Bottle Bill

By Brooks Ballenger, UAW 2322 Servicing Representative Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s we did lots of door knocking, petitions, and lobbying activities trying to get a bottle bill passed in Massachusetts. One of my favorites was the “Can to King” campaign, where we flattened soda cans and mailed them to Governor King, a staunch opponent of any pro-environment legislation.  We finally passed … Continue reading

Yes on 4: Earned Sick Time

By: Ryan Quinn, UAW 2322 Servicing Representative Following years of attempts to get the state legislature to pass earned sick leave legislation, Massachusetts unions have moved the fight to the ballot box. In a referendum vote set for the November 4 statewide election, Massachusetts voters will be able to vote for a law providing a minimum standard for paid sick days. If Question 4 passes, … Continue reading

A Conversation with Author and UAW 2322 Member Jan Clausen

By: Ryan Quinn, UAW 2322 Servicing Representative/Organizer The first time I met Jan Clausen in person was in April 2013, as we leafleted outside the New York International Auto Show on behalf of Nissan workers trying to organize with the UAW. For years prior, hers was a familiar voice calling into Joint Council meetings from her home in Brooklyn as a representative of faculty unit … Continue reading