Postdoctoral Researchers Unit Contract Ratification Notice

11/22/16 Dear Postdocs: Your labor union, UAW Local 2322, is excited to announce that after months of negotiations with the University, the bargaining committee has reached tentative agreement on a successor agreement. This new contract contains significant gains: a 23% increase to the minimum salary, 8 weeks paid parental leave, better professional development and mentorship, a locked-in health insurance out of pocket maximum of $1,000/person … Continue reading

Hiring Deadlines Extended

Would you like to work for the UAW? Now Hiring! Please see the following links for information on the Union Representative positions within the UAW Local 2322. Full-time Union Representative Part-time Union Representative (Vermont Units) Please email your inquiries and resumes to the hiring committee listed on the job position you wish to fill. It is important to notice that there are multiple hiring committees so make … Continue reading

June 8, 2016 – Postdoc Bargaining Update

The postdoc union’s bargaining committee presented management with six proposals last week and six proposals this week, ranging from “housekeeping” edits to significant, substantive changes to the contract. On Wednesday, June 8, 2016, the union team presented a proposal to bring postdoctoral researcher wages up to the Department of Labor’s new minimum for exempt employees, which will go into effect in December 2016.  The union’s … Continue reading

Update Your Contact Information TODAY!

Did you recently move? Have a new phone number? Get a new email address? Has your name changed? We rely on you to let us know when information changes. Let us know how to reach you so we can stay in touch, keep you informed, and invite you to participate in events. Keeping your contact information updated with our office will be extremely important in the coming … Continue reading