Standing Rock Supply Drive

UAW 2322 stands in solidarity with those fighting to keep their lands free of the Dakota Access Pipeline. So we will be collecting supplies at our holiday party for items needed on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. We have members willing to deliver these items and show our Union’s support. Please help if you can.         

The list we have been given is:

  • Emergency blankets
  • Pepto-Bismol tablets or liquid– preferably little travel bottles of liquid
  • Foot powder preferably a little travel bottles
  • Sterilizing solution for forceps, etc.
  • High quality, WOOL (not Cotton!) hats scarves, gloves, socks, especially in 2XL sizes!
  • Baby wipes
  • Nice smelling soap
  • Big bottles of nice smelling shampoo and conditioner
  • Playing cards
  • Games
  • Crochet tools & yarn (wool preferred)
  • Books
  • Pencils and note pads of paper
  • Leather & needles
  • Beads, beading needles, bone buttons, string
  • Co2 detectors
  • Hatchet & bastard file for sharpening tools
  • Grommets/punch
  • Dry erase boards
  • goggles
  • Iphone 5 charger cord
  • USBC charger
  • Clear plastic
  • Extension pole for outside snow
  • 4 GFI
  • clothespins
  • dual car charger
  • sammy’s for soaking up water
  • long fireplace ash shovel
  • Shure tape
  • Personal heater
  • ladder
  • wood

We will be collecting items at our Holiday Party on December 9th.

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