Design our next t-shirt

UAW 2322 is asking for your help to come up with our next T-shirt design.

  • Do you have an idea?
  • Do you have a design to submit?
  • Do you have an art or design background and wish to help compile ideas into a presentable image?
  • Do you have feedback on what you would like to see (or not see again)?

We have a Joint Council member who is taking on the task of compiling all your feedback and suggestions, then incorporating them into working designs that will be proposed to Joint Council.  So please understand that your idea/design might be use in conjunction with other suggestions to come up with a final image.

You can submit any ideas, designs or suggestions but we would like to see the following included:

  • “UAW Local 2322”
  • UAW Wheel / logo
  • it should be usable for members in all 28 units of the Local
  • it should be general enough to be used throughout the year and at all union events
  • it should use union colors (blue/gold)*
  • limit number of colors to three to reduce production costs

*Note: Colors can be ink or fabric. Current design uses white and yellow inks on a navy blue shirt.

Send all ideas, suggestions, or completed designs to before Monday, November 14th, 2016. Contact us too if you want to be part of the process of formulating these ideas and making them into actual designs.

UAW logo graphic:  (2 colors)   (1 color)


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