Urgent–Elections Committee Members Needed for Triennial Election

Election season for the 2322 officers is quickly approaching, but only two people have come forward to serve on the Elections Committee! The election cannot happen without a committee, and we need three more volunteers to serve in order to satisfy the requirements in the By-laws. The function of the committee is to ensure a fair and timely election. (You are not eligible if you are going to run for an Executive Board position.)

Here are some of the duties of the Elections Committee:
-Write up a timeline of important election dates (can be done remotely)
-Draft (revise from existing templates) notices to membership about the election (can be done remotely)
-Coordinate with the Local 2322 Office and Staff in Holyoke, MA to ensure mailings go out (some remote work, some work in Holyoke)
-Help staff the ballot counting location (cannot be done remotely)
Committee members will be supported every step of the way by staff, leadership, a Handbook, and people with previous Election Committee experience (like myself!).

If you have questions about the duties, please feel free to email me at carly@uaw2322.org.

Carly Houston Overfelt
Recording Secretary

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