Nominations Open for GEO Elections

Dear GEO Members,

GEO is a democratically-run organization.

Nominations are now open for several elected GEO positions, and we need a full crew going into the semester as we continue bargaining our next contract!  Please see below for nomination calls for each position, including information about each position and the nomination/election process.  Any full member in good standing may nominate themselves or another member in good standing for any of these positions.


Nominations are now open for:

  • Bargaining Committee Members (10 hr. contract and/or volunteer positions);
  • Mobilization Coordinator (20 hr. contract);
  • Steering Committee Member (volunteer position)
  • GEO Representatives to the UAW 2322 Joint Council (volunteer positions)


Bargaining Committee Member (1 10 hr. paid; 1 or 2 unpaid*; additional alternates)

Information about the Bargaining Committee:

The Bargaining Committee (nine members and alternates) is elected by GEO members, and are responsible for assessing membership needs, planning and carrying out bargaining with the administration, and regularly communicating written bargaining updates to the membership throughout bargaining, which will also appear on the GEO website.

The Bargaining Committee consists of nine members and an unspecified number of alternate members elected by the membership. Chief negotiators (2) will be elected by the bargaining committee members. All bargaining committee members shall serve throughout the duration of a contract negotiation and shall not be required to seek re-election if contract negotiations go beyond a year. If bargaining committee members resign or are recalled, new members of the committee will be elected by the membership as needed. All decisions shall be made by consensus, with a quorum of five members needed. If consensus cannot be reached, the decision in question shall be brought to the membership for final determination. Membership has oversight over the bargaining committee.

Nomination Process:

Nominations for this committee are due at the membership at which the election will take place. This means a nominee will come to the October membership meeting to make a brief statement just before the election. If you want to nominate yourself or someone else to this committee, but cannot attend the membership meeting, you may write your statement and have one of the co-chairs read it aloud for you at the membership meeting just before the election.

*As the paid position may be filled by a currently unpaid bargaining committee member, it is possible that another unpaid position could be opened at that time. If you are interested in becoming an unpaid bargaining committee member, or an alternate, please come to the October membership meeting to nominate yourself at the appropriate time.

Mobilization Coordinator (1)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Responsibilities include but are not limited to: supervising membership drives; assisting in boosting attendance; attending Steering and Assembly of Stewards meetings; introducing all new members and visitors; assisting the GEO Co-Chairs in preserving order when called upon to do so; ensuring that minutes are taken at all GEO meetings; maintaining records of organization; submitting requisitions to the Local and International as needed; planning and administering GEO operating budget and chairing the GEO Finance Committee; facilitating GEO sponsorship of events and organizations; taking charge of all property of GEO not otherwise provided for; monitoring and giving guidance on procedural questions and rules; ensuring that those attending GEO meetings are either members or invited visitors; assuming duties of the Co-Chairs if they are unavailable; and assisting the union in achieving its overall mission in the workplace.

Nomination Process:

Nominate yourself or someone else in writing to the Steering Committee. You can email this nomination to Nominations are due by midnight on September 23rd.

Steering Committee At-Large Member (1)

Information about the Steering Committee:

The Steering Committee shall be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the unit including, but not limited to: the direction of the day-to-day operations of the organization; the oversight of the staff; preparation and submission of all proposals, budgets, budget requisitions and budget modifications to the Assembly of Stewards for approval; coordination and oversight of standing committees; the appropriate maintenance of the health of the organization; management and execution of the budget; all correspondence and relations between the leadership, the Assembly of Stewards and the membership; and all external relations excepting those duties specifically proscribed for other committees (such as the Bargaining Committee).

The Steering Committee shall meet at least two times a month during the academic year. The committee shall meet once a month at other times. Additional meetings can be called as needed by the officers.

Nomination Process:

Nominate yourself or someone else in writing to the Steering Committee. You can email this nomination to Nominations are due by midnight September 23rd.

Joint Council Members (5)

Information about the Joint Council:

The Joint Council includes proportional representation from the various shops in our amalgamated union, the UAW 2322. As one of those shops, GEO elects and sends its own representatives to the Joint Council meetings, which are held once a month, and rotate between the UMass campus and the 2322 office in Holyoke.



Nominations Process:

Please come to the October membership meeting to nominate yourself, or issue a statement to one of the GEO co-chairs to be read on your behalf.

If you have any questions regarding the elections or nominations process, please do not hesitate to email the Elections Committee at

In Solidarity,

Carly Houston Overfelt

on behalf of the Elections Committee

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