Goddard College: “What’s Your Plan?!”

What's Your Plan?!

Goddard Staff member Helen Linda stands outside the Pratt building displaying her plan for a revitalized Goddard College

Goddard College staff, faculty, students, and alumni are joining together on Tumblr to share their “plan, vision, [and] hopes for the future of Goddard College”, and to ask The Goddard College Corporation what their plan is to sustain and strengthen the college.

This new initiative, led by staff member and union activist Helen Linda, is a positive approach to questioning the administration on their plans.  Given that management has repeated their mantra that “everything is on the table” in response to union inquiries about the sale of the college or some of its programs, community members are quite serious about asking “what’s your plan?”, and equally serious about offering constructive suggestions.  These suggestions illustrate how creative and innovative the Goddard community is, and how committed they are to maintaining a strong college despite ongoing economic problems.


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