Immigration Reform Rally

IMG_4589 by Santiago Vidalesby Santiago Vidales
On Saturday [September 21, 2013] Just Communities/Comunidades Justas, an immigrants’ rights organization from Springfield, MA., hosted a rally to support immigration reform at the national and state level. Here in Massachusetts we are pushing the legislature to approve two very important pieces of legislation. The Trust Act aims to eliminate the fear immigrant communities have of the police by ensuring that the police is present in our communities to protect and to serve and not to deport and harass. The other piece of legislation seeks to grant undocumented people access to drivers’ licenses to make sure parents can take their children to school without fear and have access to car insurance. Members and leaders from UAW 2322 were at the rally to support immigrants and their families in their effort to achieve comprehensive immigration reform. As union members we know the importance of fair and equitable work opportunities and conditions; that is why we stand with the immigrant community of our Commonwealth in calling for state and national lawmakers to support and protect immigrants and their families. 

(click the photo to see more pictures from the rally)

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