Goddard College Faculty and Staff Solidarity Statement

We, the undersigned Goddard faculty and staff, members of UAW Local 2322, embrace the
recently announced presidential transition as an important opportunity to stabilize and
strengthen the college. We call upon the Board of Trustees to engage with a full range of
college constituencies around the following principles, thereby restoring Goddard’s fiscal health
while upholding our mission of rigorous inquiry, collaborative participation, and “imaginative
and responsible action in the world”:

  • Refocus college resources and priorities to offer maximum support to our academic programs;
  • Restore confidence in financial leadership by creating a credible plan to improve enrollment, replacing expensive outside consultants with abundant in-house talent, and taking other needed steps to reduce administrative overhead;
  • Foster internal transparency by encouraging ongoing communication between the Board of Trustees and key groups within the college;
  • Encourage open debate about college policies while refraining from actions, such as the monitoring of employee e-mails, that cast a chilling effect on healthy discussion;
  • Recommit to faculty shared governance over academic matters, including curriculum and restructuring;
  • Honor Goddard’s long history of social justice by respecting worker rights and promptly reaching fair collective bargaining agreements with staff and faculty.

Annie Abdalla
Richard Ambelang
Kyle Bass
Jacqueline Batten
Todd Beaton
Shirley Boardman
Sarah Bobrow-Williams
Pamela Booker
Ryan Boudinot
Deborah Brevoort
Kyle Brooking
Rebecca Brown
Heather Bryce
Bobby Buchanan
Heather Byrd
Kit Cacicio
Jessie Cairo
Wendy Call
Karen Campbell
Neema Caughran
Francis Charet
Jan Clausen
Darrah Cloud
Joanne Coakley
Lise Couture
Sharon Cronin
Gail Cueto
Jocelyn Cullity
Tanis Currier
Larry Dillard
Elaine Dutil
Jeff Dutton
Erica Eaton
Marilou Esguerra
Cecilia Espinosa
Carl Etnier
Lisa Fantelli
Jacqueline Fischer
Annette Fitzgerald
Jim Fitzgerald
Susan Fleming
Laurie Foos
Kenny Fries
Paulo Gahagan
Bea Gates
Elena Georgiou
Caryn Miriam Goldberg
Erin Gravelle
Newcomb Greenleaf
Karla Haas Moskowitz
Bethe Hagan
David Hale
Pam Hall
Scott Harris
Jeanne Haskel
Josh Hayes High
Celia Hildebrand
Sarah Hooker
Seitu Jones
Bhanu Kapil
Lynn Kennison
Susan Kim
Jacob Klein
Michael Klein
Jamie Kline
Lyubov LaRoche
ME Lawlor
Lenny Lemiux
Theressa Lenear
Ju-Pong Lin
Helen Linda
Katt Lissard
Aimee Liu
Catherine Lowther
Ralph Lutts
Geraldine Lyn-Piluso
Gus Lyn-Piluso
Jeanne Mackin
Annie Majoros
Micheline Marcom
Douglas Martin
Barbara Martin Wheeler
Rogelio Martinez
Robin Mascitti
Eli Mayhew
Shaka McGlotten
John McManus
Jen Morin
Nicola Morris
Otto Muller
Karen Murray
Monica Nelson
Victoria Nelson
Devora Neumark
Sarah Norton
Manuel O’Neill
Kira Obolensky
Baco Ohama
David Palmer
Richard Panek
Bindu Panikkar
Andrea Parkins
Stephanie Peabody
Susan Pearson
Tom Pearson
Jen Petty
Rachel Pollack
Lexcy Prahl
Suzanne Richman
Reiko Rizzuto
Bonnie Schock
Muriel Shockley
Juliana Spahr
James Sparrell
Darcey Steinke
Karen Stupski
Eva Swidler
Paula Tamburello
Ausra Tartter
Lan Thao Lam
Lori Thurber
Arianne Townshend
Shannon Trainor
Rachael Van Fossen
Sarah Van Hoy
Greg Warner
Helen Warren
Diana Waters
Lise Weil
Karen Werner
Jane Wohl
Adam Woogmaster
Lori Wynters
Leah Xylona
Sui Yee Wong
Yumaripatricia Younce
Dvora Zipkin

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