Call to Action! Tell ServiceNet to Bargain a Fair Contract NOW!

Servicenet sign

ServiceNet is proposing that its employees accept low wages that do not keep pace with inflation. ServiceNet is proposing that counselors receive only 2% in guaranteed raises over 4 years. That’s one 2% raise and then 3 years with no guaranteed raises. A new full-time ServiceNet counselor earns $23,712; these are poverty wages. Yet the highest paid administrators at ServiceNet enjoyed raises in the range of 40% over the 4 years from 2007-2011. The highest paid Administrator at Service Net makes over $160,000 a year. It hardly seems fair that the highest paid received raises like this while the lowest paid must struggle to make ends meet. Due to the low wages, many employees at ServiceNet qualify for low-income housing assistance, heating assistance and other state benefits.

Tell ServiceNet to bargain a fair contract NOW! Click here to send a letter to CEO Sue Stubbs! 

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