Goddard College Staff and Faculty Unite Against Cuts

6/28/2013 Goddard Staff and Faculty

1st row (left to right): Shirley Boardman, Helen Warren, Jane Wohl
2nd row: Heather Byrd, Tom Pearson, Sarah Hooker, Kenny Fries, ME Lawlor, Karen Campbell
3rd Row: Carrie Biggam, Jan Clausen, Kyle Bass, Bhanu Kapil, Dvora Zipkin, Kit Cacicio
4th Row: Michael Klein, Deb Brevoort, Jeff Dutton, Todd Beaton,, Karen Murray, Claudia Marieb, Rebecca Shea, Nicky Morris

Goddard College faculty in the MFAW program joined with staff members on June 28, 2013 for a day of solidarity where members across campus wore UAW 2322 “More than Auto Workers” shirts during the MFAW Residency in Plainfield, VT.  Their T-Shirt action followed 2 days of faculty bargaining and a day of staff bargaining.

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