2013 Election Candidates


The Election Committee asked each candidate the following questions:

1.            Why have you decided to be a candidate for one of the executive offices of our Local?

2.            What experience do you have which qualifies you for this position?

3.            In your opinion, what are the most important issues facing the Local right now?

4.            What is your vision for UAW 2322 in three years, & how will you help achieve that vision?

5.            What do you think our Local’s political goals/priorities should be – how will you achieve those goals?

6.            What is your plan for mobilizing the membership of Local 2322?

Click on each candidates’ links to see their statements and how they answered the questions above.

Ronald Patenaude

Jocelyn Silverlight

John McGrath
(Sergeant-at-Arms)John UAW Election_cropped

Eric Hoyt

Danielle A. Allessio
(Guide)Danielle Allessio

Avery Fürst
(Vice President)avery

Eric Hopkins
(Trustee)Eric Hopkins picture

Luke Pretz
(Trustee)Luke Pretz