Labor Walk & Phone Banks

Union members will be the key constituency to carry Elizabeth Warren to victory in November. The Pioneer Valley AFL-CIO is now running labor-to-labor walks and phone banks from the Pioneer Valley CLC office in an effort to drive as many union members out to vote for Warren this November.

This is an important election for both Massachusetts and the country and our members need to hear from us.  Please join the Pioneer Valley AFL-CIO for labor walks and phone banks starting this Saturday the 22nd.
Labor walks
640 Page Blvd
Springfield, MA 01104
  • Saturday, September 29th
  • Saturday, October 6th
  • Saturday, October 13th
  • Saturday, October 20th
  • Saturday, October 27th
Labor Phone Banks
640 Page Blvd
Springfield, MA 01104
  • 10am-4pm Monday-Friday (every week until Election Day)
  • 4pm-7pm Monday-Thursday (every week until Election Day)
If you would like to participate or have any questions, please call Jeremy Goldberg at (202) 372-5515.

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