Contraceptive Prices Should Not Have Risen! Call UHS Today

GEO-UAW is currently filing a grievance over the unfair contraceptive prices, a slow, but hopefully effective process.
Our contract says the prices for birth control will never be over $10, so the administration is using a 2005 law to try to charge more. That law has since been overturned, but the prices at the UHS pharmacy still haven’t been capped since August 1st! Call Bernie Melby, the director of UHS, to let her know we don’t appreciate her breaking our contract and overcharging graduate students who need contraceptives.
If you, or someone on your plan, is buying contraceptives through UHS, please call or email the GEO office to put your name on a group grievance.
While the grievance process is a great tool for union members, we need to have our voices heard now.

Call Bernie Melby at (413) 577 5000 and encourage your friends to do the same.  For more details on the birth control issue see our web post.

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