Important Changes in Student Health Insurance Plan

The health insurance available through the university for graduate students has introduced some major changes to its policy to begin August 1, 2010.

Importantly, co-pays for prescription drugs are more than doubling in price.

  • Generic prescriptions will rise from $10 to $20
  • Brand name medications will rise from $15 to $35

However, the plan year maximum caps have been removed and we now have unlimited coverage.

  • Plan year benefits are now unlimited (increase from the $250,000 maximum)
  • Prescription drug coverage is now unlimited (increase from the $5,000 max)

They have also authorized coverage for sexual reassignment surgery.

Regardless of whether these changes may dramatically hurt or help our members, the insurance plan was changed without our input, knowledge or bargaining and that is a violation of our contract.

Get the word out to members in your department, and let us know whether the changes will damage or improve your medical costs this year.  We cannot advocate for our members unless we know the extent of the impact.

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