Tipping the Scales—PHENOM Speak Out

Thursday, November 19
12 noon — 1:00 p.m.
Cape Cod Room, Student Union

This year marks the tipping point for funding public higher education in the state of Massachusetts.  Previously more than half of UMass’ budget came from the state.  This year marks the first year that the majority of the University’s funding is coming from student fees and tuition.  This is a clear trend toward privatization.

Now you get to share how it affects you. Some students have loans that they can’t pay. Some have found themselves shut out of classes or stuck in overcrowded lectures because of staffing shortages. Some can’t go stay in school because of the cost.  On Thursday 19 November, students, faculty, and staff will come together to tell our stories, learn about the context for the budget crisis, and begin taking action to win back funding for public higher education.

Please send your stories, and any questions, to tippingpoint.phenom{at}gmail.com.

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